Course Outline
The aim is to train student pilots to acquire desired flying skills and knowledge compatible to the standards specified by CAA for grant of Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot License (Aeroplane).

Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot License Courses will be conducted on Cessna 162, Cessna 172 and Full Motion RedBird MCX Flight Simulator.
The curriculum in this course emphasizes the development of critical thinking and flight management skills, rather than focusing solely on traditional maneuver-based skills.

The goal of this training philosophy is the accelerated acquisition of higher-level decision making skills. Such skills are necessary to prevent pilot-induced accidents.
Ashley Makena

Best course ever.

Herman Mwadime

Great instructors.

Caleb Nasio

Awesome sessions always.

Matthew Evans

I highy recommend KAC FLYING SCHOOL to ant aspiring pilot

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