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We have a well equipped facility with a variety of essential items needed for Training and equipping skill. .

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No.1 Engineering Institution

We Are the preferred Aviation Center because of the world class excellent training we offer in Kenya and Beyond.

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Professional training

Get Trained by Competent Approved KCAA professionals with adequate experience and Skill in every scope of aviation.

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Our training prepares you to pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) test to become a certified skilled professional for employment in the aviation industry.

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May, 2019

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May, 2019

Industrial Workshop Tour

We take a ride to one of the greatest workshops in Africa to lean about the procesess involved in Maintenance and Aircraft handling.

I have grown exponentially in skill and knowledge thourgh the system Kenya Aeronautical has provided and im always looking forward to new and exciting things.

One of my greatest concerns is safety thats why i trust my instructors everytime we take a flight.

My passion for Electronics has grown over the past 4 years and im comfedent about the great opportunities im going to find out there as a result of that.

I didnt like to go back home once the semester was over because i felt like i was home back in my own country. The community at Kenya Aeronautical is exceptional.

I used to think that everything in Aviation was hard, Well i was wrong. Nothing is impossible when you let your immagination override your fearful expectations.

Power and control must balance to create harmony in the process of symbiotic co-operation and that's what i have found here at KAC

Qatar Airways was only a dream for me but now its a reality. Ive gained alot of experience and developed responsibility through Kenya Aeronautical's guidance.

I found a path to Aerospace through Kenya Aeronautical's Collaboration with Shenyang and i now stand a chance to make a footprint in one of the most amazing careers in history. .

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Future of Drones

Drone Applications

The business of drones is ready to grow. Unlike the military where Predator drones spy and attack, scads of private companies are itching to put drones to work here. Agriculture use of drones is one of the biggest areas of growth.


Aviation Community

Community partnerships

Family-school-community partnerships are a shared responsibility and reciprocal process whereby schools and community agencies and organizations take initiative to actively support development and learning.


Emergency tips

Surviving at sea

The odds of surviving are surprisingly good. More than 95 percent of airplane passengers involved in an airplane crash survive. NTSB experts have found several things that can increase odds of survival in a crash in the middle of the sea.


Skymax Flying School

Flight Simulation

Flight simulation is used for a variety of reasons, including flight training (mainly of pilots), the design and development of the aircraft itself, and research into aircraft characteristics and control handling qualities.


Follow up on the latest Trend in the World of Aviation