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5th January, 2019

January Intake

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23rd October, 2018

High Schoolers weekend

There will be interactive tution sessions with some of our young people in the country to help them in their future careers in aviation. Sign up or contact us if you're a High Schooler.

14th October, 2018

Project Presentations

Once again we are prepared to witness one of the most innovative projects our final year students have in store for us. Dont miss out.

3rd August, 2018

Industrial Workshop Trip

We take a ride to one of the greatest workshops in Africa to lean about the procesess involved in Maintenance and Aircraft handling.

5th December, 2018

End of year Holiday in Malindi

It's about time we have fun and relax in our cottages in Malindi. You know what they say "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

9th December, 2018

The Great Longonot Hike

We take risk everyday in our lives to do what we do hence thrill Seeking is our passion. Hiking is like flying and that's what we are going to do.

I have grown exponentially in skill and knowledge thourgh the system Kenya Aeronautical has provided and im always looking forward to new and exciting things.

One of my greatest concerns is safety thats why i trust my instructors everytime we take a flight.

My passion for Electronics has grown over the past 4 years and im comfedent about the great opportunities im going to find out there as a result of that.

I didnt like to go back home once the semester was over because i felt like i was home back in my own country. The community at Kenya Aeronautical is exceptional.

I used to think that everything in Aviation was hard, Well i was wrong. Nothing is impossible when you let your immagination override your fearful expectations.

Power and control must balance to create harmony in the process of symbiotic co-operation and that's what i have found here at KAC

Qatar Airways was only a dream for me but now its a reality. Ive gained alot of experience and developed responsibility through Kenya Aeronautical's guidance.

I found a path to Aerospace through Kenya Aeronautical's Collaboration with Shenyang and i now stand a chance to make a footprint in one of the most amazing careers in history. .

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25 June, 2018 | By Steven Omondi

4-day drone workshop August

Kac will be holding an instructional drone workshop for 4 days.The Woorkshop begins at 9 a.m. and runs until 12 noon each day. The workshop will be geared towards high school students, recent graduates and everyone in Kac.


3rd August, 2018 | By Smith

Community Outreach

Kac will be holding a Community outreach, August 3rd for a week in turkana.The program will start from at 8 a.m and runs until 12 noon each day.It will be geared towards everyone in the Kenya Aeronautical Community.


28th November, 2018 | By Wilson


Kac will be holding a snorkling event on the, 3rd August for 5days near the Skymax malindi Facility.The event will begin at 10 a.m. will run until 3pm each day.This Event will be geared towards the Kenya Aeronautical Community.


5th December, 2018 | By Joe

Flight Simulation Workshop

Kac will be holding an instructional flight simulation workshop, December 5th through for 2 days.The Workshop begins at 11 a.m. and runs until 4:30 each day.It will be geared towards high school students and recent graduates


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